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Achieving Your Goals

The app that helps you create and track personal, academic, and vocational goals that matter to you.

Goal Guide is designed to be a cognitively accessible tool to enable users to: create their own goals; monitor their own performance; designate incentives for goal achievement; and instantly see a chart of their progress. Goal Guide allows parents to share in this process and it allows teachers to manage multiple students’ goal portfolios. Teachers and parents can get email updates on students’ interaction with their goals. Information sharing and external accountability can be key aspects of successful goal accomplishment. Learn More…

Coming to iPads soon:
Picture Planner: The App

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Cognitopia: Assistive Technology, Research & Development

Stemming from a federally grant-funded research lab, Cognitopia develops assistive technology tools focused on individuals with cognitive disabilities such as autism, traumatic brain injury, and the elderly. Steeped in universal design learning (UDL), we clearly acknowledge that no two people are the same therefore the tools we develop must easily be accessible by individuals, support staff, and family.

In the continual pursuit to advance solid UDL tools with a simplified user interface we are also developing supports for health monitoring, online personal portfolios, social interaction, and more. Our tools are quickly being identified as needed supports for adults with autism as we recognize that many of the existing tools are designed for a more youthful population.

Our technology-based tools are designed to instill confidence and support for self-esteem, self-determination, and independent living skills for individuals transitioning into adulthood. Training should begin before people start the transition but often staff and families don’t know where to turn. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help — before, during, and after.

Self-management made simple. Cognitopia.

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The Icon-based Personal Organizer/Scheduler

It’s Totally Customizable

Personal Scheduling. Picture PlannerTM lets users or caregivers create visual calendars using pictures and icons on their desktop computers and sync them to mobile iOS devices like iPads, iPods, and iPhones. Schedules can also be shared with other support people by using Google Calendar or printed for those without mobile devices. Learn More…

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Scan It! See It! Do It!

The free app that teaches through video modeling opportunities by scanning an assigned bar or QR code.

ScanDo! is an app and a library of videos both communal and individualized which can viewed by anyone who wants the ease of learning how to do something new using video modeling. Learn and relearn on the fly, at home, work, or school. Learn new things, have repeated lessons, or simply discover other ways of doing the same thing – with the simplicity of a quick scan! Welcome to ScanDo! where you scan it, see it and do it! Learn More…

ScanDo! Wins Award

The Autism Speaks Award was presented to Cognitopia CEO Tom Keating after a “Shark Tank” app competition during the Autism Speaks Autism Investment Conference. The goal of the conference is to “help increase awareness and understanding of the diverse opportunity landscape for new business development among the investment community, and provide an event that helps connect developers with investors”…”to address the unmet needs of the autism community.”

ScanDo! won the $10,000 award from Autism Speaks’ nonprofit venture philanthropy affiliate, Delivering Scientific Innovation for Autism (DELSIA) after a four minute presentation during a PitchJam that included entries from Birdhouse for Autism, iTherapy, AutismSees, and Interactable.

“We’re excited to be recognized for our efforts in the field and would like to thank DELSIA for including us in the competition with the other excellent developers,” said Tom Keating. Watch the short interview with Tom after winning the prize.